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2020 March
Monthly Meeting

GRW 2019-2020 Executive Board

Mission Statement

To increase the effectiveness of Republicans in the cause of small government; to disseminate information; and to inform the public through political education and activity.  Empowering through FREEDOM!

Core Beliefs of a Republican

The core beliefs of the Republican Party are centered on the idea that each person is responsible for their own place within society.  The party believes that the government’s role is to enable the people to secure the benefits of society for themselves, their families, and for those who are unable to do so for themselves.  Republicans believe in limiting the Government’s intervention in the work of the individual towards prosperity.  The government should only intervene when society cannot function at the level of the individual.  This also means that the party believes in keeping government as close to the individual as possible, and should be focused mainly on the state and community level, not centered at a federal level.

The Republican Party’s most important core beliefs, as outlined on their national committee website, are as follows:

  • The best government for the people is one that is closest to the people, and therefore the government should not interfere unless they are needed.
  • The strength of the nation lies within the individuals who live in the country, and therefore feel that the individual’s freedom, dignity and responsibility must come first and foremost in our government.
  • Free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative are what has brought the country economic prosperity in the past, and what will continue to bring it prosperity today.
  • The government must practice fiscal responsibility, and allow its people to keep the money that they work for.
  • America should work to protect national freedom first, while working to spread peace, freedom, and human rights in the world.

Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW)

The Greeley Republican Women's Club is an affiliate club of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women and is governed in compliance with the bylaws of the State and National Federations of Republican Women.

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)

CFRW is part of the National Federation of Republican Women, a grassroots organization with nearly 100,000 members and 2,000 unit clubs nationwide.